Day ten rebound

Yesterday’s piece of handsoun handcrocheted cloth was unraveled and remade, using up the whole ball of ‘calendar’ spinning. October 2011 recurs in April 2019.

Lying on a crumpled piece of white paper is a crumpled piece of woolly handmade cloth bound roughly with red thread


Day nine not ever finished

A sheaf of papers lies on a wooden desk. The top sheet has personal writing about grief and memory found on Instagram and an academic reflection on a book titled ‘Vibrant Matter’. Lying on the papers is a piece of partially completed crochet, with the wooden hook attached. Also attached is the rest of the ball of yarn which is made of many shorter lengths of hand spun yarn that had been worked and presented as part of the graduation exhibition of the maker, seven and a half years ago.


I am not a racist but


2 postcards blutacked to an old tea towel with the text ‘I am not a racist b’ stitched into the cloth between the postcards.

The upper postcard is a reproduction of a painting by Bella Kelly, Noongar elder and founder of the Carrolup school of painting. Her painting depicts the Stirling Ranges, which were the centre of the land in the SW of Western Australia stolen from her people by the English invaders.

The lower postcard is a photo of metal security mesh, with a red rectangle drawn onto the image to highlight a bullet hole in the mesh. The photo was taken clandestinely by one of the refugees imprisoned in the former Lombrun detention centre on Manus Island, PNG. It was taken after the Good Friday 2017 shooting when drunk navy and security officers fired more than 100 bullets into the compound where more than 1000 men were kept locked up by Australia.

Day six twist

Video of shadows cast by several lights through a piece of suspended lace fabric. The lace is crocheted very loosely using hand spun mohair yarn.