Letters to Tyranny #72

Dear Prime Minister,

On Tuesday 12 October, 2016, there will be a meeting between DIBP senior staff and doctors from UNHCR to discuss the refugee agency's reports on the physical and psychological state of detainees on Manus Island and Nauru and the conditions at the detention centres. These documents which are reported to contain horrifying findings (including that 88% of asylum seekers suffer sever psychological damage) have been presented to the Australian government months ago AND IGNORED. Fortunately Dr Nina Zimmerman, one of the expert authors, has released some of the information to the public, as part of her duty of care. It is imperative that these reports and the reports made in 2013 when the asylum seekers were first detained are mode public, in full. We can the see the documented effects of offshore detention on the detainees. I urge you to listen to the UNHCR representatives on Tuesday, make sure that Minister Dutton makes public the reports and the immediately start the repatriation of all asylum seekers from offshore to Australia.

Bring them here.

Ruth Halbert