Letters to Tyranny #74

Dear Prime Minister,

Masoud Ali Sheikh, the 74th asylum seeker of the more than 800 men on Manus Island, is a refugee from Somalia. Mr Sheikh is a former aid worker with the United Nations refugee agency and Save the Children in Yemen, before being forced to flee that country too. Images of his injured, bloodied face reinforce the impossible situation for refugees on Manus Island. He was attacked by local men as he waited at a bus stop. As Behrouz Boochani so eloquently said:

"I don't want to make any judgement about local people and their culture because they are victims like us. But it's clear that Manussian people don't want refugees to settle in their community. The Australian government exiled us by force to this island and wants to settle us in the local community by force ... It is a very strange situation. On one side local people don't want to accept refugees and cannot because of important and logical reasons (both economic and cultural). On the other side the refugees don't want to live in PNG and cannot because it is not safe and not viable for us. Who is guilty? The Australian government. Who is responsible? Australia."

Mr Turnbull, act in the interests of the refugees, PNG, Nauru and Australia and bring them here.

Ruth Halbert