End offshore detention. Bring them here #82

I agree with Behrouz Boochani's analysis of the 'cruel and violent political strategy' that Australia is inflicting on the refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. In his article in the Huffington Post he shows again how he is using his intellect, education and strength of character in a continuous act of defiance against the system (our system) which has ripped away all freedoms and rights and barricaded the offshore detainees into a lawless limbo where the only rule is of continuous torture and degradation.

Like other systems of fascism, Australia's fascism does not select its victims for who they are as individuals: they have been selected as if faceless pawns in a game. Their histories, their personal stories and relationships, their qualities and potential are irrelevant and invisible to our fascist regime over them. This is why Mike Pezullo can sit smugly behind his bland tie and bat away questions about offshore detention, full of his own superficial intellect and untroubled by any sense of humanity. The detainees are mere numbers and bar charts which he and his fellow apparatchiki can use as means to grow their own power and ascend the ranks. Fascism's horror is not only in the victims' suffering it is in their forced transformation into mere bodies without personality and human dignity. And this is why we must see the end of offshore detention now.

Aside from all reasons of humanity and sympathy (which are more than reason enough) I am afraid that since Australia has been doing this terrible thing to this group of people we have set a frightening precedence and any other group of Australians could also become victims to such a regime. Manus Island and Nauru have shown that Australian politics and law is being misused to torture innocent people. Behrouz Boochani is right. Australia is an oppressive power. The detainees on Manus and Nauru are bearing the full effect of that oppression. Yet these oppressed people are the same as us, are us. There is no Other. We are all equal. And so we are equally vulnerable.

I demand the closing of Manus and Nauru for both humanitarian reasons and for the sake of all of us who must end this fascist system or risk suffering similar oppression.