End offshore detention. Bring them here #83

Dear Prime Minister,

Today's statement by Minister Dutton, in a three-days-late response to Monday's 4 Corners program on children detained on Nauru perfectly demonstrates why I do not write to him about offshore detention. He can't construct a sentence let alone address the issue.

" 'I think the ABC has wll and truly taken the Kool-Aid here and they're following the lead of Fairfax and some of the others who are on a crusade because they hate the fact that we've stopped boats and they believe we should have open borders and they've turned themselves into political operatives' he said"

Stop wasting time and energy in Parliament bickering with Abbot about Leyonhjelm's Adler 110 obsession and address the issues raised by 4 Corners on Monday. We need immediate and urgent action to end offshore detention.

Bring them here.