End offshore detention #91. Bring them here.

Dear Prime Minister,

Please read Abdul Aziz Adam's article "Manus Island: The door of death."?

He begins:

"It will please me to let you know about our psychology in the prison camp of Manus Island. The greatest faculty our minds possess is the ability of cope with pain. Classic thinking teaches us the four ways or steps of the minds which is everyone been through for the last three years under this cruel policy."

He lists them as
- sleep
- forgetting
- madness
- death.

He concludes:

"Nothing can hurt us after we are dead or so we have been told. Must of us were waiting for this moment which is three of our best went through. We are jealous the way they are happy without us. We are jealous the way they are reached their final destination without us, we have come together and they left us behind.
Rest Rest Rest in peace brothers..."

Prime Minister, hundreds of people in our care long for death to end the suffering that we have inflicted on them

End offshore detention and bring them here