End offshore detention #93. Bring them here.

Dear Prime Minister,

Your announcement today, with Minister Dutton, that the people on Manus Island and Nauru will never be settled in or let into Australia is as mean and obvious as it is pointless.

One Nation's misdirected focus on refugees and migrants as the source of the fear and pain its supporters genuinely feel is a gift for you isn't it? Instead of addressing the real, more difficult issues, such as job security, decline in manufacturing and primary industries, decline of rural areas, lack of services, housing unaffordability, etc, you can punish 1700 voiceless people hidden thousands of kilometres away, and witter on about border security and battles of will.

Why won't you do some real work and devise policies to change Australia's distribution of wealth, to provide proper health and education services and support a wide range of small and medium businesses and government organisations to provide secure, well paid jobs and affordable housing for all Australians?