Letters to Tyranny #68

Dear Prime Minister,

What is your response to Max Costello's article in The Monthly which lays the charge that the way the offshore detention centres operate involves apparent criminal offences against an Australian workplace law? Costello wrote letters in August 2015 to Comcare (the health and safety regulator for all Commonwealth workplaces including all onshore and offshore detention centres) pointing out breaches of the law. In September 2016 Comcare's response was "inquiries are continuing." If found guilty of the offences detailed in Costello's letter to Comcare the penalty could cost the Commonwealth up to $3 million and senior officials could be fined up to $600 000 and/or jailed for up to 5 years.

Mr Turnbull, how will you deal with this issue of continuing non-compliance with Commonwealth workplace law by your own government's department?

For the sake of Mr XXX XXX, the 68th asylum seeker in limbo on Manus Island,

Bring them here

Ruth Halbert