Letters to Tyranny #71

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you about the 71st asylum seeker on Manus Island, Mr Mehdi Savari, from Iran, aged 31. The unique details of his situation on Manus Island show with terrible clarity the inhumanity of the Australian regime. Mr Savari is only 1 metre tall and yet no concession or assistance is provided to him in the detention camp, except by the other prisoners when they can. Despite the extra suffering he has experienced (clearly documented by Behrouz Boochani) due to having ill-fitting clothes, daily struggles to use the toilet, etc, he has continued to express hope and humanity by using his skills as a performer:

"After the events of February, when I was deeply affected by the death of Reza Barati, I felt that the people here needed at least something that would bring joy and beauty into their lives. Therefore, I decided to heal their wounds with the language of theatre and art. I was able to make them happy, on various occasions, using this medium."
Mehdi Savari, left, with Behrouz Boochani

Mehdi Savari, left, with Behrouz Boochani

Why was Mehdi Savari arbitrarily removed from Christmas Island to Manus Island when other asylum seekers who had arrived on the same boat as him were sent to Australia? Why was Mehdi Savari not provided with proper clothing nor given the assistance he needs dues to short stature? Why has he not had medical treatment for the pain in his eyes?

Bring all men detained on Manus Island to Australia and give them the care they desperately need.

Bring them here,

Ruth Halbert