For the 135th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Mr J. Luan is an Iranian refugee on Manus Island. He has been illegally detained and tortured there by Australia since 2013. Mr Turnbull, you and your wife are well-known collectors of contemporary art. I commend to you the paintings that Mr Luan has made since his imprisonment and which are now for sale. You will be investing in a key creative moment in Australia's political and cultural history and expressing your support for enterprise by purchasing Mr Luan's artworks.

J. Luan, " Submission ", oil, A3, $400. 'There is no option but wait and wait. How long?'

J. Luan, "Submission", oil, A3, $400. 'There is no option but wait and wait. How long?'

I am a refugee who has left offshore detention Island because of mental and physical illness and I came to Port Moresby. They are not supporting me adequately because I did not sign the resettlement in Papua New Guinea. I don’t like charity or begging of people to get financial support but I use my talent to survive in these harsh conditions. Art to me is like dancing with the brush, no need for a plan, just moving with what comes from deep within.