For the 132nd man on Manus Island

Mr Kamran Ali is the 132nd refugee on Manus Island. These are his words:

Hello friends. Today my teacher gave me a piece of white paper. He said, ‘Write about your life. Where are you from? What was your job? What was your worst moment?’ So I wrote on my paper a few sentences.
My answer to my teacher:
My name is Kamran Ali. I am from Pakistan. I was a college student; but I could not complete my degree. I was studying accounting, before I left Pakistan.
I arrived on Christmas Island on 24 July 2013. The Australian government by force sent me to Manus Island on 8 August 2013. I have been living here ever since. That is the worst thing that has happened in my life.
And I wrote in my paper a few other words. I wrote that I believe in a few things: Honesty, Humanity, Peace and Education. I wrote in my paper that Australia has a good enough education system and is a peaceful country.
But I couldn’t find Honesty and Humanity.
And the Australian government keeps us far away from education and humiliates us. Why?
In other countries this is not done to refugees. Why can’t we get Education? So I can say, strongly, that those who govern don’t care about hopeless people. They have forgotten human dignity. They have offered us money to go away, but accepting it would be against our dignity.
This is how I wrote in my paper. I have more words, but I can’t mention them here. That was my English class today. I wrote those things in my paper.

He couldn't find Honesty and Humanity.

Mr Kamran Ali has been locked up and tortured for three and a half years. Mr Turnbull, free him and all detainees on Manus Island and Nauru and bring them to Australia.