Letters to Tyranny #13

Dear Prime Minister,

"Australia's policy of deterrence is premised on making people in offshore locations suffer. This policy is inhumane and irresponsible, and it means refugees and asylum seekers remain vulnerable to further abuse and mistreatment": Elaine Pearson, the Australian director of Human Rights Watch, quoted in The Guardian yesterday.

Mr Turnbull, your response, reported in today's article in The Guardian, that incident reports would be "carefully examined to see if there are any complaints or issues ... that were not properly addressed" is vacuous.

The thirteenth asylum seeker on Manus Island is Mr XXX XXX from XXXX. His situation along with that of his fellow asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru needs immediate resolution by closing the offshore camps and moving all people from there to Australia.

Yours faithfully

Ruth Halbert