Letters to Tyranny #27

Dear Prime Minister,

Yesterday I received a copy of the letter written to me by 'JC', Director ABF Ministerial Correspondent Section Support Group - Australian Border Force, dated 17 August 2016. I will respond to a number of things in that letter over the next few days, but first I must point out that I an not addressing these letters to Minister Dutton but to you, the Prime Minister. I need a response from you, Mr Turnbull, because Minister Dutton has shown by resorting to whingeing and blame that he is incapable of doing his job.

On behalf of Mr XXX XXX, the 27th asylum seeker on Manus Island I refer you to the contents of the 26 letters I have sent so far and which appear to have been misdirected to the Department of Immigration. They are online at www.ruthhalbert.com.au/dear-prime-minister/

I look forward to your response to my questions in those letters.

Yours faithfully

Ruth Halbert