Letters to Tyranny #32

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Asylum seeker #32 on Manus Island.

On 27 August there was an article in The Guardian about the 10-hour vigil and reading of the leaked Nauru files in London in front of Australia House. A British academic, Dr Stewart Motha (University of London) who had grown up in Australia after fleeing persecution in Sri Lanka's civil war said "I witnessed the transformation in Australia from a place that embraced multiculturalism to one which was extremely fearful of outsiders." He went on to say "Australia's actions are in breach of the country's international obligations and they must be held to account for that..."

When will you stop hiding behind meaningless words (as used in the letter of reply I have received and in your and Minister Dutton's statements) and act to meet Australia's obligations to resettle the offshore detainees in Australia?

Yours faithfully

Ruth Halbert