Australia practises calculated cruelty on people seeking refuge.

Dear Prime Minister,

Sr Keogh sent a shocking report from Manus today about the struggles she and several refugees are having trying to help a refugee who is psychotic, running around the town naked, uncontrollable. Every official Sr Keogh approaches for help fobs her off to someone else, round and round, with unreturned phone calls, locked gates and not even a rudimentary health service that can triage and sedate the poor man.

Dutton wants to pretend this is not happening, that the men are rich slackers who loll about in a tropical holiday at our expense. I write these letters to force you to pay attention and take responsibility. My letters and the actions of the 1000s of other advocates, activists and refugees are to drag these atrocities out of the remote hiding place and show over and over again that Australia's policy, your policy, is one of extreme calculated cruelty. We see it. The world sees it. Four years too many. End it now.

PS. Right now more than 50 men at Manus RPC have severe vomiting and diarrhoea caused by food poisoning.