A letter from Amir Taghinia

Dear Prime Minister,

Here is a letter from Amir Taghinia, a refugee from Iran trapped on Manus Island, to refugee advocate Marilyn Beech:

Hi Marilyn,
I am one of the refugees affected by the Turnbull government’s border protection policy.
Last night, the Turnbull government admitted that Papua New Guinea is unsafe for me and the people detained on Manus Island.
They planned to transfer us to Lorengau Transit Centre, where people seeking asylum were previously attacked with machetes. We were extremely afraid for our lives and told the Australian government we will be attacked if we go to Lorengau.
Yesterday they offered me and 739 refugees considered for the U.S deal a transfer from Manus to Nauru.
I am in Port Moresby right now for medical treatment and people detained on Nauru are telling me they are unsafe and suffering there. They are telling me not to come to Nauru.
Already too many lives have been lost, and the government knows that people are in danger in these camps, whether on Manus Island or Nauru.
We are all relying on you to take action. Can you please Call Prime Minister Turnbull today and ask him to #BringThemHere?
It has been more than four years of neglect, abuse and violence. 6 of us have died on Manus and 3 on Nauru, while 88% of the men, women and children left behind have been found to be suffering from a mental disorder.
They have designed this policy to fail us, we have the right to fairness, dignity and respect.
As the Manus detention centre closes soon, I think the government has no plan.
They are dragging hundreds of us from one dangerous camp to another.
Today, we ask you to join the movement for a fair and humane policy to stand up for your values of fairness, dignity and respect for people seeking asylum in Australia.
Your community is powerful enough to change the policy.
Call your Prime Minister.
Amir Taghinia
— https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155830058047716&set=a.47736032715.56485.547502715&type=3&theater

There are immediate and extremely dangerous consequences for the refugees on Manus and for the local people, which become worse each day. Do not wait for even more deaths. Act now.