Moving Manus detainees to Nauru shows Australia's desperation

Dear Prime Minister,

Who is dreaming up these reactive, desperate last-minute plans for the men trapped on Manus Island?

Today it was suggested that people held on #Manus could volunteer to apply to transfer to #Nauru.
There is not enough community housing for the people on Nauru who have a positive refugee status, and many are still in the detention centre. This detention centre is built on an old phosphate mine where people are exposed to the heavy metal Cadmium which is toxic to humans and over the long term can have irreversible effects on internal organs.
Health care on Nauru is under the control of the government of Nauru. Any application for medical records requires permission from the government. To this day we don’t believe a single request has been granted. There are almost as many medical procedures unavailable on Nauru as there are on Manus. Medical transfers are notoriously difficult.
Employment on Nauru pays an average of $3 an hour and with fresh fruit and vegetables in short supply, a single cauliflower can cost up to $18 each. Phone credit is also much more expensive on Nauru than Manus.
Much like Manus, regular assaults and thefts on refugees are almost never investigated by the police. Any attempt to protest results in jail time. People are forbidden to gather in more than groups of three.
With local people on Manus angered by the decision to move 800 people into their community where resources are already stretched and tensions are high, the Australian government is resorting to desperate measures to pressure refugees into ever more dangerous situations.
Forced resettlement on Nauru and PNG has been an abject failure. Both for people who sought Australian protection and for the local communities feeling the effects of the bullying from the much larger colonial power.
— Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)

This attempt to push the fate of the men imprisoned on Manus onto Nauru shows again that Australia is a coward and a bully. The refugees caught by the arbitrary unfairness of Rudd's 2013 political manoeuvre are our responsibility and require our care and attention. Admit our mistake. Blame it on past governments if you need to save face. But please save us from sinking even further into injustice and immorality and act urgently to save these poor people. Act now for justice, freedom and restitution for the refugees.