Morally corrupt nation

Dear Prime Minister,

Ben Wamoi, a Manus Island man, is rallying the local Manus Island people against Australia's imprisonment and torture of refugees on their land. This is his statement:

We the genuine citizens of Manus and PNG will voice our concerns over mistreatments of these ASYLUM SEEKERS on our soil and will continue to hold meetings to demonstrate support for our freedoms to be free from all inhumane treatments imposed on us and on other fellow human beings on our soils.

Please communicate our concerns to the WORLD that we Manus People are also suffering from evil decisions made and imposed on us by our Governments.

To our friends in detentions where ever you are, we the peace loving people of Manus are also suffering like you.

We have voiced concerns and solidarity support for you and for our collective resolves to be free citizens of this global earth, but evil has its own agenda.

It will use leaders of morally corrupt nations to impose evil on lives of innocent people.

Please accept our remorse for what you have gone through and going through whilst here in Manus.
— Ben Wamoi

We are accused of being a morally corrupt nation who imposes evil on lives of innocent people. How will you free Manus and Nauru of the evil we have imposed, Prime Minister? How will you free the refugees?