Their hearts and freedom in our hard hands

Dear Prime Minister,

How do you respond to this message from Walid Zazai?

Hi everyone, I am Walid Zazai,
I am sending you this message from the Australian run detention centre on Manus island in PNG. We are about 800 men here. We came to Australia to seek asylum and we have been brought here against our will in 2013. After 4 years of suffering we are still here. We need freedom in a safe country. Freedom for us would mean finally getting out of Manus and PNG to a safe country where we can start our new and peaceful life. We want our liberty back. We have been here for four years and its the waiting that’s the hardest. When will we be finally free? For how long do you want to keep us on this island? Australia and PNG please stop playing with our lives. We all long for love and that opportunity has been stolen from us. Please bring us to Australia. We will make it our home. We will give you our hearts and with every action we will show our thanks. Let me finish by asking you, please keep putting peaceful but loud and democratic pressure on the people who hold our freedom in their hard hands.
— Walid Zazai

When will we grant them freedom?