Shocking and disturbing

Dear Prime Minister,

Yesterday at the UNHCR in Geneva the expert committee condemned your Government for 'chronic non-compliance' with international human rights laws.

Today the UNHCR committee focussed on our cruelty to refugees. It described the offshore detention regime as 'shocking' and 'disturbing.' Bizarrely the Australian officials argued that there is no policy of mandatory and indefinite detention of people seeking asylum. The Australian Migration Act disagrees. As do the UN and those who know personally: all the refugees and people seeking asylum who have been locked up for years, with no end date.

Further evidence of Australia's shocking and disturbing treatment of refugees is in the notice given today to the men in Manus RPC that after 31 October the power and water will be cut off, all fences removed, all staff will leave and the site will be handed over to the PNG military.

Instead of fudging the facts to try and save face on the world stage, the Government should do the decent, sensible and lawful thing – stop being deliberately cruel to innocent people and bring the men, women and children languishing on Manus and Nauru to safety in Australia.
— Amy Frew, Lawyer with the Human Rights Law Centre

Bring them all here now.