Their lives in our hands

Dear Prime Minister,

Today Shamindan Kanapadhi sent the following message from Manus Island to the Australians who marched during the Walk Together rallies yesterday:

Dear Supporters of the Refugees and Asylum Seekers,
We are overwhelmed by the support from your organisation, showing the compassion towards the asylum seekers and refugees who are detained in Manus Island and Nauru detention centres run by the Department of Australian Border Forces, of the Government of Australia.
We do not know how to exhibit our gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your support. At the moment, we have nothing other than our warm tears. We are extremely grateful to your organisation for your fight for our freedom and human rights.
Your support and compassion is up lifting our morale and strength. The situation is deteriorating and it leads to a devastating end. We have no hope but your fight for our freedom.
There are six innocent refugees who sacrificed their life to demonstrate our situation and to open up the politicians heart and minds. Sadly still that haven’t and they don’t want to hear the grief we have for our life. The immigration and the government continued to punish us without any crime. They want to kick us off to danger to extreme danger.
The Manus community continuously showing their concerns. They don’t want us to be in their community and place.
Both PNG and Australian governments are forcing us to move to town. In order to implement to move they reduce the drinking water, food, facilities and removing fences. After 31st of October there will be no drinking water, food, power and facilities. We have no choice other than to resist and remain in the camp.
We leave our lives in your hand, please help us support us,
Thank you
— Shamindan Kanapadhi

The men on Manus are in real fear for their lives. The men, women and children on Nauru continue to suffer. Four years! Four years of lies and torture. Bring them all urgently to safety and freedom now.