Urgent help needed

Dear Prime Minister,

It is horrifying to watch this crisis on Manus continue.

Lorengau locals were not consulted about having detention centres for Australian refugees built in their community. They are refusing to allow the construction to proceed.

The nearly 700 refugees in the detention centre are refusing to be moved to Lorengau on 31 October because of the open hostility and violence of the locals there.

Authorities warn that people's safety can 'not be taken for granted.' The refugees are justifiably afraid of the notoriously violent PNG police mobile square (funded by Australia) who will be brought to Manus to enforce the move.

Today was the 88th day of peaceful protest by the men detained on Manus Island. One of their placards read:

'When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.'

All around Australia, we are protesting, to end offshore detention and bring the men, women and children on Nauru and in PNG to safety and freedom now.