Voice from Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

The whole world is watching us. The whole world is watching what the Australian Government is doing with us as they walk away from us today after four and a half years of hell and leave us in more fear Sooo I just want to ask the Australian Government, is this your humanity?.. Do you have any heart.. Shame on you shame on you.. We are all sooo proud on Senator Nick McKim. He is the most wonderful person and I just want to share my thanks and respect to him because today he came to visit us and showed his solidarity with us..we have no words for him.. Australia needs more like him.. He saw everything for his own eyes that the Australian Government is doing with us - no water no food and no power.. So how can you stop this on us and leave us all behind?.. Just think if someone did this to your son or brother and your family? What would you feel?..You know how much pain our families are feeling today? They are soooo worried.. You have no humanity. You have no mercy.. We are human just the same as you. We have no security and we are just alone in this compound. Everyone is feeling sooo scared and stressed. If anything happens you are responsible peter Dutton.. I know you have power you think you have everything but there is a greater power than you called God.. God never ever forgives those people who hurt humanity and innocent people and children.. God will ask you one day what did you do with us.. We all belong to God.. God says you should respect humanity and refugees.. You can try and hide everything but you will never hide your wrong doings from God - he sees you..
— ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Voice From Manus,,,,,,,,,,,,