On behalf of the 432nd man on Manus Island, Rajeev. RIP

Dear Prime Minister,

This is letter is to put on the record the voices of some of the friends of Rajeev, who was killed by Australia yesterday. These are voices from Manus, from men who are suffering physical pain, mental anguish and the unimaginable torture of not knowing when their suffering will end.

We have lost another brother because of a cruel government’s lack of heart and compassion. We feel alone and rejected by the world, as we see many of us deteriorating. But we must remember that to honour you and the ones we lost before, that we stay United. That we don’t let the powerful divide us. That we don’t lose ourselves in anger and grief. We will honour you and those before him, by keeping our dignity and honour, we will fight, with no violence, we will never give up on each other. Their memories are burnt into our heart and soul. We will carry them alive in our thoughts. Dear brother, we list you today, we feel empty. You are now with the brothers that also were taken from us. We love you. And honour you. You were too good for this pain. You are with us forever.
— Shamindan
they called us queue jumpers and now we are in the queue to be killed one by one so please tell us how many more lives do you need from us
— Aziz
Another death on Manus today. 

A Sri Lankan refugee, whose life had been filled with anguish, unspeakable trauma and insufferable hardships for more than four years at the hands of the Australian government, finally took his last breath on this Death Island. 

Being a refugee meant his life didn’t matter to this world, just like the other five men who have died on Manus. I know the media will hold a few interviews with the officials and write some articles and then he will be forgotten.

All he asked for was his freedom, in a place where he could breathe safely. The same wish as that of the rest of the refugees on Manus Island. It doesn’t matter how the world labels his death, we all know that he was a victim of a deliberate torturous and inhuman policy. What more can I say? Nothing really.

Rest in peace my brother.
— Imran
You are a murderer!
How much wrong are we willing to do in the name of right?
Blocking the sea to prevent deaths with human flesh as an obstacle is not a policy. It is criminal.
You are killing innocent men, women and children intentionally. By taking their liberties and incarcerating them in your concentration centers offshore. 
How many more of us should be sacrificed and murdered by this asylum seeker ‘policy’?
May the people who vote for humanity judge you and your misdeeds.
— Omid
Another friend died in Manus Island today. Like Hamed he was tortured by medical neglect. He died because the Australian government didn’t care. His body was found near Lorengau hospital this morning. He had suffered with mental illness for a long time but was not able to access appropriate care because there are no mental health facilities in Manus Island, and authorities offer no assistance. He had been living in the transit centre in East Lorengau for about three months. Three days ago he attempted suicide but his friends were able to help him and send him to Lorengau hospital. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, he was found hanged this morning. It is clear he was very unwell, but his death remains suspicious as his body was found in exactly the same way as Hamed who died two month ago. Whatever happened in his last moments, his death is a great tragedy and a great injustice. Manus Island is not a safe place for refugees and asylum seekers. Lorengau hospital is very basic and not equipped to treat this kind of illness. All of the refugees in Manus today are feeling very heavy with this news. There is a feeling of deep despair for this man’s suffering, anger at the circumstances of his death, and a sense of powerlessness that such a barbaric system is allowed to continue torturing and killing innocent people despite the overwhelming evidence of its cruelty. This man should not have died. He should have been in a safe place with access to appropriate medical care. Our peaceful protest is cancelled today and we will hold a vigil for our friend. We are calling for an independent investigation into his death. We will prevent violence because we know the fascist Australian government would try to use it against us. We won’t allow Australia to kill any more people.
— Behrouz

These men are not 'they', but part of us, of 'we'. What are your answers to the questions we ask?

How many more lives do you need from us?
How much wrong are you willing to do in the name of right?
How many more of us should be sacrificed and murdered by this 'asylum seeker' policy?

We are calling for an independent investigation into Rajeev's death. What is your response, Prime Minister?