Accept NZ offer

Dear Prime Minister,

What, if any, policy considerations are behind the refusal to allow 150 refugees on Manus Island go to New Zealand? Prime Minister Ardern has repeated the offer, saying:

'We made the offer because we saw a great need ... No matter what label you put on it there is absolute need and there is harm being done. I see the human face of this issue. I see the need and the role New Zealand needs to play. I think it’s clear that we don’t think what’s happening there is acceptable, that’s why the offer is there.'

Comments by you and your government about New Zealand being a 'back door' entry to Australia are ridiculous. As has been made clear by both the refugees on Manus, and by previous victims of Australia's racism and persecution of refugees from the infamous Tampa incident, Australia is the last place in the world they want to go to.

I ask you the same question the refugees have asked:

'why is Australia refusing to allow New Zealand to deal directly with PNG in resettling the men if, as Australia claims, the issue of the men’s resettlement, is a “matter for the government of PNG?”'

And since Australia pays for the PNG detention centre and there is a 'significant Australian Border Force presence on Manus Island, and Australian officials have the ultimate authority on critical issues such as medical transfers' it seems that you are lying about who has responsibility and control.

Free Manus. Free Nauru. Now