Chaos on Nauru

Dear Prime Minister,

On Friday the refugees detained on Nauru reported that staff including security and language teachers left the site. Further information revealed that more than 100 Australian employees of Canstruct had their visas withdrawn without warning and were flown back to Australia. It was suggest that Nauru's President Baron Waqa, owner of the hotel that they had been staying at, was unhappy that they had moved out to cheaper accommodation.

Given that there was already concern about Canstruct, an engineering firm, providing detention centre services on Nauru (after Transfield withdrew) how can DIBP claim that the departure of so many staff will 'not affect basic services for refugees and asylum seekers'? Is DIBP planning to abandon the refugees on Nauru while blocking their resettlement to a safe country in the same way as it has done on Manus? There was another traffic incident on Nauru today and the refugee involved has serious injuries. Another refugee died there in a similar incident last month.

Amnesty now for all detainees on Nauru and Manus. Bring them to safety and freedom now.