Human Rights

Dear Prime Minister,

Human Rights
Many people heard our story. 
Many people knew our lonely plight. 
Many lies were told about us,
That we were trespassers and dirty. 
All their words were fabrications: 
It’s just a dirty policy game.
They brought us to this island by force. 
We are the most oppressed asylum seekers in this land. 
We are the most oppressed asylum seekers in this land. 
They treated us like slaves. 
They propagandised about us for years.
When their propaganda had worked
They cut our power, water and food.
They left us alone in this hellish land
And were gone.
We were helpless and lifted our hands in prayer; 
They sky took pity on us and rained. 
We stored the water in rubbish bins
And dug a well in the ground so we could drink.
They returned and at first we were happy —
We thought, we’re not alone anymore!
But they kicked the rubbish bins over
And poured our rainwater out. 
Then they filled our well with dirt;
No enemy does such things.
They told all the shop owners
Not to sell us bread. 
Oh my God, how stone cold this world is! 
May God throw down your throne. 
Many mothers are watching by the fence, 
Their tears falling upon your houses -- 
You can't escape a mother’s sigh. 
Your house will collapse
Beneath the weight of our mother’s prayers.
Be assured, what you inseminated in the past
You will harvest in the future. 
You killed the buds here. 
You broke the backs of fathers’. 
You made mothers cry blood —
But it will catch your neck.
Then, when your actions return to you, 
Will you beg for forgiveness? 
Will that bring our dead men back to life? 
Will you confess your sins —
Tell us why you tortured and imprisoned us,
Tell us what the beatings and killing were for? 
Why you shot and stoned us? 
Why you destroyed our lives?
Is this the way a modern country treats people? 
Don't talk about human rights

Mohammad Ali Maleki, detained on Manus Island by Australia since 2013