Critical situation

Dear Prime Minister,

Today Ben Doherty published an article in The Guardian with the headline & sub-heading:

'The Situation is Critical: cholera fears on Manus as water and medicine run out. After the wells were poisoned, many of the 400 refugees living in Australia's former detention centre face life-threatening illnesses'

We could be in the 19th and 20th centuries when white 'settlers' poisoned water holes of Aboriginal land owners.

Prime Minister, are you taking special care to not know about our atrocities on Manus and Nauru? When justice is eventually served will you plead ignorance? This 480th letter from me is one of the many hundreds of phone calls, letters and emails, reports, recommendations, condemnations from refugees, citizens, agencies, and international organisations. End the torture. Restore justice and humanity. Freedom now for all the men, women and children detained in Papua New Guinea and Nauru.