An accounting

Dear Prime Minister,

Sister Irene Keogh, who was on Manus recently and is in regular contact with refugees imprisoned there, has summarised the outcome of the horror on Manus as follows:

1 Dead- pet dog, Foxy thrown out of the bus window by an official
240 traumatised, bruised, non violent protester heroes
12 hours while 57 men went without food or water and sat hours on the road unattended and waiting for someone to find them accommodation
57 men who slept on the floor in a class/prayer room without sheets or matresses last night and next day still waiting outside for accommodation
8 (only) smelly toilets for the 190 approx men at West Camp 50%(early estimate) of hours when the water is on and the toilets actually flush at West Camp
70% (early estimate) availability of electricity for some of the men in some of the cells, 0% in other cells.
0 doors on the 8 showers to be shared by 190 men
0 fences at West Camp that might provide security
20 (early estimate) quality mobile phones paid for mostly by Aussi supporters and stolen by police
$60,000 (estimate) of destroyed personal property, from food,shoes, clothes, electrics, computers,books, often paid for by Aussi supporters, base on average of $250 per person
100% non violent action by the 240 men
100% violent abuse delivered by the Police and Immigration
0 (so far, I’m still searching) men who were not hit with metal rods and had their belongings destroyed
— Sister Irene Keogh

What will you do to immediately bring the refugees on Manus to safety and freedom?