Australia blocks Médecins Sans Frontières

Dear Prime Minister,

MSF (Doctors without Borders) have repeatedly reported that they have been refused access to the Manus island compounds where the refugees need urgent medical treatment. Even in war zones medical aid must be allowed. These men have long term health problems from years of imprisonment and lack of medical care, compounded by three weeks of starvation and dehydration and then were beaten, kicked and forcibly moved last Thursday and Friday. It is appalling that MSF even needs to be on Manus, but to block their access to the men is outrageous. 

Whatever bizarre political game you are engrossed in, Prime Minister, in the bubble of Canberra it must end now. The majority of Australians who have struggled to comprehend what is being done in our name are now becoming aware and active. Thousands turned out in rallies all around Australia over the weekend. We have seen eye-witness reports from GetUp, Tim Costello, and Pastor Jarrod McKenna in the last week, who have exposed the lies you, Minister Bishop and Minister Dutton tell.

Today's protest by Christian activists who chained themselves to the locked gate of Kirribilli House have brought thousands more concerned citizens to action. And most importantly of all, the ill, starved and beaten men on Manus continue to hold their peaceful protests. They demand freedom. Give them freedom now. And free them and Australia from this nightmare.