United, peaceful, protesting

Dear Prime Minister,

Today I am writing to you on behalf of the 488th man detained on Manus Island. Last week he was one of the men who was beaten with metal rods, threatened with weapons including a knife and a meat cleaver and forced to move to a partially built 'facility' which provides neither protection nor freedom. His belongings were destroyed. He saw the pet dog of his friend killed. This man and his fellow refugee prisoners, despite all they endured last Thursday and Friday, on top of four and a half years of torture and suffering have re-established their peaceful protests. And despite more than 70 of their mobile phones being destroyed or stolen they are still able to communicate with the outside world.

Day 118 peaceful protest, Manus Island

Day 118 peaceful protest, Manus Island

The sign they hold reads:

'Dutton Rules: Don't Kill Them. If kill them you stop their pain. Keep them in torture'

How will you resolve this, Prime Minister?