Yet we persist

Dear Prime Minister,

Every day, new disruptions and outrages occur towards the refugees in offshore detention. Every day we advocates ring politicians, write letters, organise protests. Police in riot gear don't deter us. Plainclothes police turning up unannounced at our homes don't deter us. We are committed to continue until every last refugee and asylum seeker in offshore detention is safe and free.

A significant number of us will stay on this job until Minister Dutton, Department Chief Pezzullo and others are in the dock at the International Criminal Court, until a Royal Commission into Detention of Asylum Seekers is held and until the concept of offshore detentions is so horrific to Australians that it will never be contemplated again.

You have the power to prolong the agony or to speedily resolve it. I urge you to give amnesty now to all men, women and children detained by Australia in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. End the torture. Give them their freedom.