Let them go

Dear Prime Minister,

Last night one of the men on Manus collapsed with heart pain and the other refugees had a terrible night, in the dark, trying to help him. He was eventually taken to Lorengau hospital but sent back, untreated. His condition has been known by heart specialists in Port Moresby since February 2017 when they recommended he be transferred to Australia for specialist treatment.

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern says , correctly, that the situation on Manus is urgent and says that New Zealand's offer to take 150 refugees from offshore detention can be taken up at the same time as the US offer. She is right. The argument that New Zealand would be a 'back door' route to Australia was always pathetic. After 4.5 years of torture at the hands of Australia, no refugee on Manus wants to come here. Let them go, to safety and freedom.