Damaging Australia's reputation

Dear Prime Minister,

Let's leave aside Australia's treatment of refugees and focus on Australia's reputation. Is the Pacific region an important region for Australia? Do we want to develop strong relationships with Pacific nations? How can Australia be seen as a leader in the Pacific when the Pacific nations know how Australia is behaving in PNG and Nauru?

You have received a letter from Australians working in the Pacific region which points out the hypocrisy of trying to present Australia as a model for health and governance when Australia violates human rights in PNG and Nauru. The letter calls on you: 

to end this internationally condemned policy... Let our government lead in promoting a vision of human rights for all, particularly the most vulnerable. Doing so upholds Australia’s international obligations, and constitutes the regional leadership to which Australia aspires.

Allow us to continue our crucial work in helping others in our region. Restore Australia’s international reputation. Bring the asylum seekers to Australia.
— Radio NZ

These concerns in the Pacific are being echoed around the world: the United Nations, Ireland, Djibouti, Portugal, USA. What will it take for you to act?