Health care lies

Dear Prime Minister,

This is part of a letter from an unnamed ABF official, recently written in response to concerns about lack of medical care for refugees on Manus Island:

A medical clinic is available at the ELRTC, providing primary healthcare and mental
health services six days a week. The clinic is staffed by General Practitioners,
mental health team leaders and mental health nurses, psychologists, counsellors and
psychiatrists. Outside clinic hours and for emergency care, residents have access to
the Lorengau Hospital.
— Director ABF Ministerial Correspondence Section
Prolonged or indefinite detention itself is known to contribute to adverse mental health and asylum seekers and refugees continue to have inadequate access to the necessary supports and services they require in offshore detention.
— Dr Kym Jenkins
The Australian Government must ensure greater transparency and communication around the situation on Manus Island so the medical community knows that authorities are responding to reports of ill health.
— Dr Catherine Yelland

This week, one of the refugees on Manus reported:

Doctor prescribed medication to One of refugees, when refugee asked how can I buy the medications as I don’t have money? doctor said that’s not our issue and we don’t have medication to give you free.
Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.56.50 pm.png

After 4.5 years of imprisonment with inadequate hygiene and food, limited water and close living conditions, with many also suffering mental illness and pain and infections from untreated wounds, the men on Manus Island need to be free, safe and to have intensive specialised care to become well again.