Refugee children on Nauru still suffer

Dear Prime Minister,

Yesterday I asked you to sack Minister Dutton for his lies about the medical services for refugees on Manus Island, and for his department's interventions which prevent medical staff providing medical care to the refugees. Today I hold you to account for the damage continuing to be done to the physical and mental health of the refugees on Nauru.

When paediatric specialists assessed the refugee children on Nauru three years ago they found them to be:

the most traumatised children we had ever consulted on, far worse than children we had seen in Australia, Africa, Asia or Europe. We know the longer you detain people, the worse the effect.
— Professor David Isaacs and Alanna Maycock

These children are still on Nauru, still suffering the cumulative effects of up to 4.5 years of imprisonment and ill-treatment. Writing this week in The Sydney Morning Herald, Isaacs and Maycock conclude:

We are appalled our country punishes children because their parents dared flee persecution.

Give amnesty now to all refugees detained on Nauru. Reunite those who have been separated from their families by Australia. Implement immediate care and rehabilitation to help the refugees begin to recover from the damage that Australia has done to them.