Entitled to be released

Dear Prime Minister,

On Friday 15 December 2017 the Papua New Guinean Supreme Court found that the asylum seekers on Manus Island were unlawfully imprisoned in the Lombrun Detention Centre for three weeks after 26 April 2016. At that time Australia had refused to act on the PNG Court's ruling that the asylums seekers' detention contravened their human rights and was illegal. What is your response to Friday's judgement? Will you hold Minister Dutton to account for this breach of human rights? In February 2018 there will further court cases in PNG to establish the costs and compensation which Australia will have to pay.

On February 5 2018, in a separate but related application by Kurdish refugee Behrouz Boochani, the Supreme Court has set down a hearing to consider the human rights breaches involved in the siege of, and forced eviction from, the Manus detention centre at Lombrum on 23rd and 24th (Black Friday) November. The PNG lawyers will be seeking damages for the human rights breaches associated with the eviction from Lombrum and the on-going breaches associated with the inadequate and inhuman conditions of the three detention areas on Manus.

Will Australia continue to challenge and delay every part of these legal processes, as it has done so far? Will your government continue to prolong the suffering of the men on Manus Island? Or will you see that Australia takes responsibility for the situation it has created and provides a safe and free home for all the asylum seekers?