From Manus, a Christmas message

Dear Prime Minister,

Walid Zazai writes to us in Australia. This is his message:

A Christmas message from Manus to homeless people of Australia. Many people saying and think that we can’t feel the pain of homeless people but we do and we care. 🙏🙏🙏

The message,
Here are five attitudes that we feel the Australian government does not use as they deal with asylum seekers in Manus and Nauru not also for homeless people in Australia. I really hope and pray this changes soon.
However even if people, or governments, take away our human rights, take away our liberty or take away our chance to have an income and provide for ourselves and our families, there are many things they cannot take away.
They cannot take away our smiles and our joy, they cannot take away our integrity or our honesty.
They cannot take away our compassion and our care.
And these are qualities we have needed above many temporal conditions here in manus and I am sure also on the streets on Australia.
We have tried our hardest to support each other and care for each other.
We have cried together but we have also sung and danced and laughed together for more often. And we have, and continue to dream of all the good and the helpful and useful ways we can be a blessing in the world.
One day when my freedom comes I have always wanted to, and still hold onto that dream, to be able to help those who are disadvantaged: widows and orphans, homeless and neglected people. Both with my skills in cooking, but also with the income I hope I will earn I want to be a blessing in this world and not a burden.
We all can dream and so I say to myself and to other dream big- not big in houses and cars and money- but big in care and compassion and big in love towards all people.
I would like to say to Australia’s homeless community that we see you as holding much strength, we feel your pain at not having a home to call your own. We know the feeling of missing loved ones and missing home comfort.
We stand with you and we hope for a brighter and more fulfilling in freedom, joy, peace and love in 2018 for you all as we also hope the same for our 2018. We send you much love from Manus.❤❤❤
Happy Merry Christmas 🎄 😍😍😍.
— Walid Zazai 🌹