For the 178th man on Manus Island

On behalf of the 178th man on Manus Island I refer again to the audit office's report on DIBP's mismanagement of offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru. As well as criticising the financial and contract mismanagement the report strongly criticised conditions in the camps

The chief medical officer’s reviews have drawn attention to work, health and safety issues relating to the garrison support and welfare services contracts, including: increased risk of infections and disease due to vermin and pests; water pooling; extensive mould and inadequate cleaning of wet areas; inadequate food hygiene; and overcrowded accommodation. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has often been slow to respond to issues raised by the chief medical officer or service providers.

This report contradicts every platitude and denial made by Peter Dutton, Mike Pezzullo and you, Prime Minister. Close the camps and bring them here.