For the 180th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

Mr Rajeev Rajendran, 31, an asylum seeker from Sri Lanka, is the 180th man on Manus Island. The Guardian (24.1.17) reports that he has been charged with raping an 18-year-old young woman in Lorengau. This follows a number of alleged cases of sexual violence within the Manus Island detention centre, including an unpunished case of gang rape by detention camp guards and cases of sexual assault and rape reported by refugees and asylum seekers. Sexual violence is one of the results of the ongoing inhumanity and injustice of Australia's offshore detention regime. The victims are both the local people of Manus Island and the asylum seekers and refugees.

Australia must take responsibility for the refugees who have asked us for help. Close the offshore detention centres and bring the refugees here.