End offshore detention #228

Dear Prime Minister,

This is Episode 5 of "The Messenger", a podcast featuring Abdul Aziz Muhamat from Manus Island.

In this episode, from the 30 minute mark, is the voice of Greg Lake, former Director of Offshore Processing describing how his role changed in 2013 from providing care and support to asylum seekers to inflicting as much inhumanity and mistreatment on them as possible.

I was instructed to … select the children on the basis of how young they looked – because we wanted to send the message to people smuggling networks that even the youngest children were eligible for transfer to the island.
— Greg Lake, former Director of Offshore Processing

Abdul tells why he got on a boat in Indonesia for a second time after the first one sank and he saw five friends drown. Both these men's accounts show clearly why the simplistic rhetoric of "saving lives at sea, and securing our borders" is meaningless.

Close the camps and bring them here.