Food withheld on Manus

Dear Prime Minister,

Hold DIBP and Broad Spectrum to account! Detainees on Manus and Nauru must have access to food. A detainee on Manus Island wrote the following yesterday:

They made the mess like Australia central jail and long line for some fucking food!
3cm thick Glass
100 % like a jail mess!!
They made a wall between us and mess staffs and 4 windows in it
4 holes just Size of a plate
And they given food to us from those holes
When they put something for u in plate then they will give u in this small hole,
like u go to bank receiving cash in small hole, and all the area is covered; u can’t go in.
When i saw it i decided not to come again.
i always do dinner in mike compound*
This.mess [Oscar] is all covered by wood and thick glass now.
U have to point to food wht u want,
and if u say a bit more, they tell u “move on”,
in anger mode.
Food is short limit and also short time,
like they are giving the food only for a short time.
mam, you know lot of the people cooking in the room. And now they are giving us less food. And we need plates to eat inside the room.
But they are not allow us to have more plates.

Athena Nocua, who posted the above statement added:

This is in Oscar mess,
One of the two remaining in the manus RPC, where they serve truly awful food, off nasty plastic, maximum damage to planet and people ...
They just completely, deliberately MADE IT WORSE.
These changes have only been made in Oscar/Delta mess, where the men (mostly) with positive refugee status are housed.
In Mike/Fox mess, which has primarily men with negative immigration status, there have been no changes in the mess.
But the pressure to sign to return to their country of origin, or be deported, has been amped up.
The men are feeling angry, upset, insulted, frightened and/or HUNGRY.

Who initiated this? The detention, the vilification, the mistreatment, the lying and hubris must stop. Close the camps and bring them here. And be prepared to be held to account.