For the 216th man on Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

It has been reported that 29 detainees on Manus Island have been (or will soon be) returned to the countries they came from. Up to $20,000 has been paid to each man. Immigration staff on Manus Island have been reported to have pressured and threatened the men to sign an agreement to be repatriated.

Australia has been shown to have made no attempt to find out the fate of asylum seekers we have already sent back to the countries they were forced to leave. In 2014 a returned Sri Lankan asylum seeker reported to the Australian Federal Police in Colombo that he was imprisoned and tortured after his forced return yet the AFP declined to interview the man, a decision condemned by the Human Rights Law Centre as an act of 'wilful blindness'. A Vietnamese asylum seeker returned by Australia in 2015 was sentenced to three years in prison for illegally leaving the country. What process has Australia put into place to guarantee the ongoing safety and well-being of the men we are now returning from Manus Island?