End offshore detention #240

Dear Prime Minister,

On Thursday afternoon, after writing my letter to you about Omid Masoumali's widow, Pari, I rang Peter Dutton's parliamentary office. I had four brief points to be passed on to Minister Dutton. However the woman who answered the phone, instead of simply taking my message, argued with me over each point. I have briefly summarised the phone call here. My point today is in response to the final things she said to me before she hung up: that since Australia has not been found guilty in a court of law then we are free to continue doing what we like to the detainees on Manus and Nauru.

Prime Minister, is this the basis of Australia's legal system, that we do what we like until we are prosecuted and found guilty? This is not a letter about DIBP. It is a letter about Australia. Can we do anything we like? Can the Australian government take any action it wants to against any person or group?