End offshore detention #244

Dear Prime Minister,

Stop deporting people after four years suffering....... Today a Lebanese guy was deported from Manus prison. Yesterday the Australian Border Force invited him to a meeting, but took him by force from the meeting and put him in Lorengau police station last night. His meeting with ABF only took a few minutes, then the police took him from the meeting. All of the Wilson officers were around him when he was talking with ABF. Their plan is that the plane will fly on Friday morning and arrive in Lebanon on Friday night. Two days ago six Lebanese guys went back to Lebanon ‘voluntarily’, but actually it was not voluntarily because they were under such pressure for a long time and only signed to go back under this pressure. Yesterday ABF also had a meeting with three other Lebanese guys and told them ‘you don’t have any choice, sign and get $US25000 or we will deport you just like we did to your friend.’ ABF had a meeting with two Vietnamese guys too and threatened to deport them in the next few days. Already about 12 people from Bangladesh signed under similar pressure and ABF told them we will send you back in the next month. ABF is threatening other people to go back too and said you don’t have any choice. Australia is obviously breaking international laws and the refugee convention that it has obligations under, and it is a big crime by a government that has tortured people for four years. It shows how values of humanity have died in Australia. You, Australian government, are obviously criminal and can not wash your hands of this. Why are you deporting people after four years suffering?
— Behrouz Boochani, https://www.facebook.com/behrouz.boochani.7/posts/716427591862684

Close the camps and bring them here.