End offshore detention #223

Dear Prime Minister,

Voices from inside Australian detention centres continue to be heard. Behrouz Boochani's year-long collaboration with theatre director Nazanin Sahamizadeh has resulted in

  • a play, 'Manus', which tells the stories of seven Iranian refugees imprisoned on Manus Island;
  • a two-month run of the play in Tehran;
  • plans for a world-wide tour;
  • a growing international movement to close the prisons on Manus Island and Nauru;
  • Behrouz Boochani speaking directly to the Iranian audience on the play's opening night;
  • growing international awareness of Australia's illegal actions.

I look forward to seeing the play in Australia and to be in the same audience as the freed asylum seekers. Free them now Prime Minister. Close the camps. Bring them here.