Behrouz Boochani, journalist, film-maker, activist

Dear Prime Minister,

The unceasing, tenacious work of Behrouz Boochani continues to be heard and seen, despite him being in his fourth year on Manus Island. Arnold Zable's article in The Walkley Magazine pays tribute to Behrouz Boochani's work: his journalism, film-making and activism.

Behrouz Boochani is driven by a sense of mission and an eye for the bigger picture. “We are in a moment in history in which Western countries are violating international conventions and laws,” [Behrouz Boochani] says. “These are conventions they themselves established. I think this is dangerous for humanity’s future.”
“In a philosophical sense, we have to acknowledge we are human and therefore we don’t have any choice but to trust in humanity. When we are alone, where can [we] go, except to reach out to humanity? This is our only real shelter.”
— Arnold Zable,

I challenge you, Prime Minister, to end Australia's crimes against humanity, close the camps and bring them here.