An Easter Sunday message from Manus Island

Dear Prime Minister,

What would you write to the people of a country who falsely imprison you for 4 years, deprive you of basic rights like medical care and food and then allow you to be shot at? This is what MD Imran wrote:

Although I am struggling to write a happy word on this blessed Easter Sunday, I hope all of you have had a beautiful day with your loved ones. Last year we were gifted with the news of death on Christmas and on Good Friday we were gifted with a murderous attack. The whole camp was filled with bullets and we all could have died on Friday. It was utter madness and an obvious criminal act, however, all the politicians and the police are just playing with words. We know for sure that none of the attackers will be charged, even though the evidence is in front of us. I don’t know how the Australian politicians can sleep in their beds knowing we are dying and it’s on their hands. I can’t believe that I came to a country to seek protection and landed in a place that tortures refugees to such a horrendous extent and makes them feel they are not human beings. I do understand now that we are refugees and don’t deserve to live. Our lives are don’t matter to this world. I felt like someone squashed me with their boots until I stopped breathing, particularly when one of the Australian workers said to me this morning I hope you are Ok. The Australian employees have started working again this morning and the centre is running like nothing has happened. What a world we are living in.
There is no more hope from this life but I am wishing you all the best blessings on this Easter Sunday.

What do you say, Prime Minister? What will you do, now, to end this?