The day after gunshots on Good Friday

Dear Prime Minister,

This is Behrouz Boochani's report on what happened yesterday at the Manus Island detention centre:

Three refugees and some Australian officers have been injured seriously. A refugee from Sudan has been injured in his head and another Sudanese man injured in his chest. A Pakistani refugee has been injured in his stomach and is urinating blood. Also some Australian officers have been injured seriously and did not come to work today. All of these injuries were caused by stones thrown by local people and not because of gun shots. I don’t know how the local people are now because I don’t have access to them. What really happened last night? The problem started when some of the refugees were coming from a soccer game to the centre, and a man from the Navy who the refugees claim was drunk started to argue with them. They started to fight each other and then a lot of young local people and refugees got involved in the fight. After a while the refugees ran away to the centre and the local people followed them throwing stones. When the refugees reached the centre both groups started throwing stones and other hard things at each other. Some of the locals started to beat the Australian guards who were outside of the centre and beat them very seriously. They even beat some police officers who were there. At this moment the Navy started shooting and all of the locals, officers and refugees ran away. The Navy shot about 100 times and some of their bullets hit and entered the rooms in Mike and Foxtrot. Australian immigration put out a statement that the Navy only shot into the air but it’s not true because some of the bullets made holes in the fences and the walls of rooms and that is clear in the photos and video that have been published in the media. Last night police were around the centre all night to protect the refugees and Australian staff. On the other side of the fences, in staff accommodation, the Australian non-security staff like case managers, interpreters, and immigration were scared too. I talked with some of them and they were in an unsafe place like the refugees. Some of those staff did not come to work today. Last night proved that Australia cannot ensure safety not only for refugees but for its citizens too.