End the lying. Close the camps

Dear Prime Minister,

It is urgent that you hold Minister Dutton to account. His statement about the cause of the PNG navy firing shots into the Manus Island detention centre on Good Friday totally contradicts all statements made by the people who were there including PNG police and navy, as well as the refugees themselves. Minister Dutton's statement is calculated to inflame relations between the Manus people and the refugees and is sickening in its implications.

As Behrouz Boochani has said:

Local people and refugees are both victims under this harsh Australian policy.
— Behrouz Boochani, https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/apr/20/dutton-alleges-manus-shooting-rampage-sparked-after-refugees-seen-with-boy

Prime Minister, if you condone Minister Dutton's statement then you are provoking violence between two disadvantaged groups to play to the worst racist tendencies in Australia. Why? To save your sinking popularity? Surely we can not go any lower than this. Close the camps. Bring them here.